Nationwide Parcel Data

From Loveland Technologies

Loveland has assembled a nationwide dataset of more than 134 million land records covering where 95% of Americans live.

Now you can license, download, and use this parcel data for your own apps and research.

  • More than 134 million parcels across more than 2,300 counties (and Puerto Rico), covering where 95% of Americans live
  • All have parcel shape, most have address, many have owner, tax details, and other assesment information
  • Available as Postgres tables with full geometries
  • Import them into your own app or database for public or private use.
  • Licenses come with a Loveland Team account and alpha access to our parcel vector tile endpoint

We have the best price for the best coverage, the most liberal license, and the friendliest team that is always innovating. What else do you need?

Email parcels@makeloveland.com or call 313-649-LAND for a quote and a data sample.

America is made of parcels. Everything that happens in the world happens on a parcel. Put our nationwide parcel data to work for you. Call or email to get started.
parcels@makeloveland.com · 313-649-5263