Nationwide Parcel Data

For Developers and Researchers

Parcels are the legal shapes that define how land is subdivided, owned, taxed, and used. We've painstakingly assembled a unique dataset of more than 134 million parcels covering where 95% of Americans live. Read all about it at

If you want access to this raw data for your own research or app, we have a very agreeable license at a very agreeable price.

Get in touch in with us at or 313-649-LAND (313-649-5263) to discuss how our data access can help power your projects!

Choose your service:

Streaming Parcel API

  • Streaming nationwide vector tiles parcel API with basic attributes (ID, address, owner)
  • Extended attributes available
  • Mapbox Vector Tile format
  • Raster tiles with your custom styles, UTF grids available on request

Bulk Parcel Data

  • More than 134 million parcels covering where 95% of Americans live
  • Available as Postgres tables, buy one or buy them all
  • License quarterly or annually
  • All have parcel shape, most have address, many have owner, tax details

America is made of parcels. Everything that happens in the world happens on a parcel. Put our nationwide parcel data to work for you. Call or email to get started. · 313-649-5263