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Mapping Every Parcel on the Planet


Land ownership in the USA is public information, but it has never been brought together in one place and made truly accessible to the public before. Our job at LOVELAND is to make the invisible ownership grid that divides up property around the country – and the world - visible to you.


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Survey Property at Light Speed: Site Control + Street View

Evaluating Property with Site Control + Google Street View

Are you a real estate appraiser who needs to collect parcel-level data on properties and neighborhoods quickly? A city on a tight budget, trying to evaluate housing stock? A researcher collecting data on properties to inform your studies and analysis? If so, we've got a pretty awesome tool for you...

Watch the video below to see how you...


Interested in a Loveland API?

Greetings from Loveland HQ!

We've been hearing from friends and fans alike that having access to a Loveland API would be really helpful. Since there's no better place to get suggestions and feedback, we're going straight to the source.

If you or someone you know is interested in a potential Loveland API:


We want to hear how you’d like to use a Loveland API to power your...