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Detroit Fire Report


Between January 1st, 2015 and December 31st, 2015, Loveland Technologies tracked and surveyed all 2,981 structure-damaging fires in the City of Detroit. Read the report.


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Site Control as a Tool for Historic Preservation in San Jose, CA

LOVELAND’s tools and technologies were originally developed to help address bleak issues like housing blight and vacancy in Detroit. Since 2009, we’ve been expanding to new industries and new geographies across the globe. We are really excited to share a new case study with a more positive spin: using Site Control as a tool for historic preservation!

Over the past few months, students in...


Featured User: Emily Bauer (Rockaway Beach, NY)

Volunteer surveyor visiting a home on the Rockaway Peninsula.

What organization are you with? What does it do?
I'm with SBP, originally the St. Bernard Project. We were founded following Hurricane Katrina in a small county, or parish, called St. Bernard that was 100% damaged by the floods. Our founders, Zack and Liz, started by handed out meals and tools, and eventually it snowballed into...