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Mapping Every Parcel on the Planet


Land ownership in the USA is public information, but it has never been brought together in one place and made truly accessible to the public before. Our job at LOVELAND is to make the invisible ownership grid that divides up property around the country – and the world - visible to you.


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Press Release: Loveland Adds Wisconsin to Free National Map of Property Information


Information on all 3 million+ properties in Wisconsin now available on LOVELAND Technologies’ website

Detroit, MI: LOVELAND Technologies is excited to announce that information on every single property in the entire state of Wisconsin is now part of our national parcel map at makeloveland.com. Available parcel information varies by county but generally includes...


Digitizing Maps Showing Locations of Flint's Lead Pipes

Ari Shapiro from NPR posted a photo on Instagram with the comment: "These are the maps that will help people in #flint figure out which pipes are made of lead and need to be replaced."

At first glance it looks like an old Sanborn map, but we don't think it is. Perhaps it's some kind of engineering map drawn up by Flint itself. As best we understand, no digitized version of the map exists. But...